Supporting Children During the Corona Crisis

Due to our emergency experience worldwide we know how to support children and their families in difficult times. Now, children all over the world are facing anxiety and uncertainty due to the coronavirus and its restrictive measures. To help these children, we have adjusted our TeamUp activities to fit their needs. Will you join TeamUp at Home week 4?

TeamUp at Home - 01. Check-in

Gather everyone with you special TeamUp yell and greet each other with an elbow box. Show the rest how you’re feeling: thumbs up, thumbs down or in the middle. Start off with giving each other a compliment or thanking them for joining.

TeamUp at Home - 02. Handwash

What is extra important these days? Washing your hands, that’s right!

TeamUp at Home - 03. Warming-up: Pass The Clab

Stand in a circle or line. One person starts with clapping their hands once, then the next person claps, and so on, until it returns to first one in line or the circle. Two claps means the direction changes, and we continue counter-clockwise. Anyone can decide to change the direction. When you make a mistake, you are out or the group has to start all over.

TeamUp at Home – 04. Towel Tail Tag

Take a towel and put it in the side of your trousers, at the side of your body. Next, find some room to stand opposite from your TeamUp buddy - at an arm's length. Put your feet flat on the floor and stand still. Now, count to three and try to take your buddy’s towel. Whoever is able to steal the other person’s towel gets one point. After two points you can try something new. For example, this time you won’t stand still, but move around in the space, with your feet on the ground to make the game more challenging.

TeamUp at Home – 05. Keep your Cool

Play this game in pairs. You’ll try to keep your face very still (with your eyes open) and the other person tries to make you laugh without touching you. You should try not to laugh. How long can you resist laughing? Switch turns. Who can stay cool the longest? Make it more difficult to make someone laugh with multiple people at once or by not talking. 

TeamUp at Home – 06. Inside Football

Make two goals from for example a rope. Make a ball out of rolled plastic bags. You play the game 1 against 1. You have scored when the ball crosses the line. For round 2, you will play while sitting down. And if you want to make it even more difficult, move like a crab: on all fours with your belly up. 

TeamUp at Home – 07. The Blind Man’s Journey

Play this game in pairs. Create an obstacle course in the room or outside with chairs, cushions or tables. One partner puts on a blindfold (or closes their eyes) and the other is the guide. The guide helps the blindfolded child through the obstacle course. Make sure nobody gets hurt! Did you succeed? What was difficult? What was helpful? Do it again and switch roles. 

TeamUp at Home- 08. Cooling-down: Long, Small and Wide

If you want to, choose and play a calm, relaxing song. Everyone stands at least an arm's length apart. Now, everyone stands on the tips of their toes while stretching their arms as high as possible: standing tall like trees. Next, everybody kneels, hugs their knees and places their chin on their chest: tiny like mice. Thereafter, all extend their arms and legs as wide as possible: like a giant starfish. Hold each position for six to eight counts.

TeamUp at Home – 09. Check-out

Let’s chill out, sing a song, share what you liked and didn’t like today during  TeamUp at Home. Don’t forget to thank each other. And last but not least, don’t forget to wash your hands again.

TeamUp at Home – 10. Let’s have a drink

Why not stay together a little longer a draw about the TeamUp at Home session. Prepare a snack, tea, juice or water. Have some paper, colored markers or crayons. Let’s draw a billboard: 
1. What you liked about the session
2. What you didn’t like about the session
3. An idea of game for the next TeamUp at Home session 
4. A wish for tomorrow during your day at home.
Share your drawings with each other! In TeamUp we care and listen to each other.