Supporting Children During the Corona Crisis

Due to our emergency experience worldwide we know how to support children and their families in difficult times. Now, children all over the world are facing anxiety and uncertainty due to the coronavirus and its restrictive measures. To help these children, we have adjusted our TeamUp activities to fit their needs. Will you join TeamUp at Home week 2? 

TeamUp at Home - 01. Check-in

Gather everyone with you special TeamUp yell and greet each other with an elbow box. Show the rest how you’re feeling: thumbs up, thumbs down or in the middle. Start off with giving each other a compliment or thanking them for joining.

TeamUp at Home - 02. Handwash

What is extra important these days? Washing your hands, that’s right!

TeamUp at Home - 03. Warming-up: Count 10

Change every 10 seconds the warming-up exercise. Be creative and have everyone chose an exercise!

TeamUp at Home – 04. Just Borrowing

How many objects from the other team can you get as fast as possible? Make sure you take one object at the time and return it to your home base before you get another object. Be as quick as possible to collect as many objects as possible!

TeamUp at Home – 05. 1-2-3

Can you count up to three turn by turn 1-2-3 ? And what if your replace a number with a movement or a sound? Can you concentrate and count as fast as you can. Do you remember the moves or make up your own moves to replace a number. Challenge yourself: Try it with more numbers if you want. And find different ways to move your body!

TeamUp at Home – 06.Crab Football

This is a different way to play football but engages your core muscles! You are not allowed to walk (standing), but move forward like crabs. (belly up, back to the ground). Shoot the ball in the opponent’s goal.

TeamUp at Home – 07. Tic Tac Toe  

Decorate five paper plates with X’s and 5 paper plates with O’s. Create a game board on your floor with tape or chalk by making a Tic Tac Toe grid. Stand 1.5 m away from the grid. One by one run towards the grid and place your plate. The first person to get their plates in a row wins a point. Build variations into the game by moving the opponents paper plate, hopping on one leg instead of running or increasing the number of paper plates and the size of the grid.

TeamUp at Home – 08. Cooling-down: Hold the stretch

If you want, choose and play a calm, relaxing song. Everyone stands at least an arm's length apart. You can choose your own stretching exercises. And don’t forget to breathe in and out as you stretch.

TeamUp at Home – 09. Check-out

Let’s chill out, sing a song, share what you liked and didn’t like today during  TeamUp at Home. Don’t forget to thank each other. And last but not least, don’t forget to wash your hands again.

TeamUp at Home – 10. Let’s have a drink

Why not stay together a little longer a draw about the TeamUp at Home session. Prepare a snack, tea, juice or water. Have some paper, colored markers or crayons. Let’s draw a billboard: 
1. What you liked about the session
2. What you didn’t like about the session
3. An idea of game for the next TeamUp at Home session  a
4. A wish for tomorrow during your day at home.
Share your drawings with each other! In TeamUp we care and listen to each other.